Virtual CPSI FAQ

How does the whole thing work?

All sessions will take place on Zoom. At the start of each week, you will receive an email with the links for that week’s sessions, along with any handouts or pre-work the presenters want you to have. You may attend as many or as few sessions as you want when they happen “live.” When the entire event is over, you will receive access to a password-protected website where you can access all of the recordings from every session. 

How do I get into the sessions that I want to attend?

To attend a session, simply go to or open Zoom on your device then enter the meeting ID and password for that session (these will be sent every Sunday afternoon).

What will sessions be like?

As with anything CPSI-related, you can expect that the sessions will be engaging and participatory — no boring webinars here! Our presenters are working hard to make their sessions engaging and informative. Each workshop session is 90 minutes unless otherwise specified.

When can I meet new people and socialize?

We have coffee breaks scheduled each weekday as a way to simply socialize and network with your fellow attendees. Some will have facilitated questions or activities, some will just be a chance to catch up. We will also have evening programming for you to enjoy.

We will also be holding three evening events – a Happy Hour, Game Night, and an evening of magic. 

How do I plan my schedule?

The easiest way to keep up with the schedule and plan your conference is to visit our Sched page once it is up and running. From there, you can read all of the session descriptions and presenter bios.  You can email your schedule to yourself, or you can sync it with your Google or Outlook calendars so you never miss a session. Check out for more information.

Another way we can ensure great sessions is to help presenters have a sense of how many people are planning to attend their session. Luckily, it’s very easy for you to indicate your interest by visiting our Sched page and creating an account. Then you can add as many sessions to your personal CPSI schedule as you’d like. This way, presenters can see that you are interested in their session. 

Indicating interest on Sched does mean that you are committed to attending that session, merely that you’re interested in it. Life happens, schedules change, and you will have access to all of the session links and all of the session recordings whether you “sign up” for a particular session on Sched or not. 

What version of Zoom should I be using?

We want to make sure that your Virtual CPSI 2020 reVISION experience is the best it can be. One thing you can do is to make sure that you have the most updated version of Zoom on your computer. Go to to get the latest version. 

If you have a second device or screen available, you may want to have it ready to enhance your experience.  You will want a strong internet connection and webcam is preferred for participating.

What supplies or materials do I need?

Please take a moment to visit the Sched page when it becomes available to check the supply list and complete the pre-work for any sessions you plan to attend. Grab a journal or some paper and something to write with, a beverage or a snack, find a comfortable spot to sit, and be ready to participate in the sessions you attend. Participants will be let into each session about 5 minutes before the start time and for up to 15 minutes afterward, unless otherwise specified.

What are some participant Best Practices?

To make this the best possible experience for you and your fellow attendees, please check out our “Participant Best Practices.” Plan for your time in sessions — have a drink or snack close by, and make sure you have a pen and some paper to write on. Be ready to participate and enjoy your sessions – our presenters have been working hard to plan the best workshops possible.

  • Plan to be on camera, if at all possible. It helps you to stay focused on the session and get the information that you signed up to learn, and it helps our leaders to get instant physical feedback.
  • Make sure your name appears on your Zoom. Click the “participants” button, then your name to rename yourself if you need to. 
  • Please prepare ahead of time so that you can stay in one place. Walking around can cause nausea or visual problems for other attendees.
  • You’ll be muted on entry, please stay muted (mute is shown as a red slash through the mic icon) unless invited to unmute by the presenter. 
  • Use the chat function to ask questions of the presenter and interact with your fellow participants. If you need any technical help, use the chat function to talk with the volunteer Wing assigned to your session. 
  • Wings will be easy to spot – they’ll be wearing special Wing t-shirts, and will have “Wing” as the first part of their name i.e., “Wing Missy.”
  • Please respect presenters’ rules for engaging and responding. 
  • Show silent agreement through jazz hands, fingers making a heart, me too sign (thumb and pinky up, toggling back between you and the screen), snaps.
  • Waiting room will open 5 minutes before the session start time. No one will be let in from the waiting room after 15 minutes.

Is there programming for kids and teens?

As you familiarize yourself with the schedule, you’ll notice that we have several events as part of our YouthWise program. As part of Virtual CPSI, we are proud to continue our tradition of providing engaging, intentional content for youth participants. We have offerings for young people ages 8-12 and programming especially for teens. 

For youth participants age 8-12: Choose from among 4 workshops led by creativity experts. Each of our “clubs” will meet once during our time at Virtual CPSI. Conveniently scheduled for Friday afternoons, participants can go to as many of the 4 sessions as they’d like AND will get the recordings to all 4 sessions after CPSI ends so they can access the learning again.

For teen participants age 13-17: Teens will have access to all of the regularly scheduled virtual sessions that are available to adult CPSI attendees. Additionally, they are welcome to join the weekly moderated Zoom hangout with YouthWise instructors. Use this time to catch up with friends old and new, talk about virtual sessions you have attended, and plan for your week at Virtual CPSI. We will have games, conversation, and creative exercises that support your time at Virtual CPSI. 

You’re recording these sessions — does that mean you’re recording ME?!

Your participation in CPSI grants and conveys unto the Creative Education Foundation all rights, title, and interest in any and all photographic images and video or audio recordings made during participation in CPSI, including but not limited to royalties, proceeds, or other benefits derived from such photographs or recordings.  If any attendee does not agree to this photographic and video release, notify staff at the registration desk, and please keep your camera off. 

This is great! How do I let other people know about this?

Please help us spread the word about Virtual CPSI. Feel free to copy and paste the text below and email it to someone you think would be interested in attending. 

Text to email: Hi! I am excited to tell you that I will be attending the first-ever Virtual Creative problem Solving Institute (CPSI, affectionately pronounced “SIP-see”) which runs from June 8-26. There will be over 30 virtual workshops, networking opportunities, and a Youth program. Check out our registration page and sign up today.

You can also help make this conference amazing by following us and sharing about your experiences on social media. We can be found in the following spaces:

Instagram- @cef_cpsi

Twitter/Facebook- @cpsiconference

LinkedIn- #creativeeducationfoundation