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DEADLINE: November 30, 2021

CPSI 2022 Connect

Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI – affectionately pronounced SIP-see) is a program of the Creative Education Foundation, a non-profit organization. CEF’s mission is to spark personal and professional transformation by empowering people with the skill set, tool set, and mindset of deliberate creativity. Our presenters and instructors provide the leadership for, and are the heart and soul of CPSI. CPSI is a special conference during which Instructors and Presenters donate their time to support the mission work of CEF so that others might learn Creative Problem Solving in a nurturing and supportive environment.

CPSI 2022 will be held June 26-30, 2022 Buffalo, New York.

(You might want to download this PDF to review what content we are asking for. Please only use the PDF for reference; do not complete and submit the PDF itself.)

You may submit proposals for one or more of the following types of program sessions:

Creative Variety Sessions: Small group, shorter sessions with hands-on learning about a variety of creativity, innovation, and leadership topics. These 90-minute concurrent sessions are each offered once during the CPSI Conference. This track is a Choose Your Own Adventure, where participants select from up to 4 choices per time slot and build their own schedule.
Open Breakout Workshops: Short, interactive learning sessions with a variety of creativity, innovation, and leadership topics to choose from. These 90-minute experiential workshops are offered to all CPSI attendees and expand the CPSI experience with shorter topics that cap the day’s work with inspiration and exploration.
Spark Your Creativity Workshops: Full day workshops designed to inspire and elevate your creative, innovative mindset, skillset, or toolset. These six-hour workshops will be held on the last day of CPSI and help participants deepen their learning or expand their knowledge about a particular creativity, innovation, or leadership topic.
Immersion Programs: Immersive, multi-day programs offering a deeper exploration of a creativity, innovation, or leadership topic. Creativity Variety Track sessions are individual classes; the Immersion Track program functions more like an entire course. Immersion Track programs are focused on training participants in a particular modality and providing experiential learning and the opportunity for real-time application of concepts.

Submission Guidelines
1. DEADLINE: All proposals must be received by November 30, 2021.
2. You may submit multiple session proposals (either individually or as part of a team), but each must be submitted on its own form.
3. You may add a co-presenter for a total of two presenters, including yourself.
4. If you have never presented at CPSI before, we may follow up with you for references and additional information.
5. All CPSI programs, workshops and sessions are experiential and interactive (even in a virtual setting). CPSI does not accept proposals for the delivery of lectures or academic papers.

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your proposals!