Keynote – Massimo Agostinelli

2022 CPSI Keynote Presenter Massimo Agostinelli

Creative Education Foundation is thrilled to announce that  Massimo Agostinelli,  Master Bouffon and a choreographer at Cirque du Soleil, will be the Keynote Presenter at CPSI 2022.

With 43 years of artistic trajectory, Massimo also counts over a decade of experience as an international coach and speaker. Massimo has taught corporate workshops for leaders at organizations such as  Disney, RedBull, Bombardier and Young Presidents, and has given conferences for TEDx Lille; the Asian Symposium of Creative and Innovative Marketing for Creative Bangkok, Thailand; Creative Mornings Montreal; Creative Melbourne; Créa-France; Mosaic Lille; Mosaic Montreal; Wigwam Conseil; CREA- Sestri (Italia); MindCamp Canadá; and Mindcamp Chile, among others. On the international stage, Massimo is represented by ComedyCorp ( Together, they help leaders to harness humor as a powerful strategy to exercise a more effective leadership — one that stimulates innovation, boosts productivity, brings teams together and lightens up the workplace. You can find him at