Immersion Track

In addition to the Creative Problem Solving Track, the Immersion Track offers deep-dives into creativity and innovation content, taught by senior practitioners.

When you register for CPSI, you will choose ONE in-depth Main Track program to participate in from Monday, June 27, to Wednesday, June 29. Creativity Immersion courses are one of those choices for the Main Track programs, along with the Creative Problem Solving Track and the Creative Variety Track. Immersions are separate from CPSI’s core Creative Problem Solving Program curriculum, which is a four-course skills-building program around facilitating and teaching Creative Problem Solving. In contrast, the Immersion program offers new and different topics each year.

IMM01: The Secret Life of Breakthrough Teams: Finding Balance in the Rhythm and Flow of Applied Imagination

Michael Ackerbauer

Why is it so hard for teams to collaborate to breakthrough? Your team’s creative rhythm and flow CAN be amplified by identifying and flexing their communication styles during the collaborative process! Come learn the cutting edge research models that will help your team adapt to the demands of creative abrasion.

IMM02: The Power of Humor in Leadership

Massimo Agostinelli

This course is for everyone. It’s a deeply emotional experience, in which participants will explore and set free their sense of humor through lovingly guided exercises belonging to a unique methodology that takes from bouffon and physical theatre — the same methodology used to teach at Cirque du Soleil. By embodying different bouffon characters, participants will be challenged to go beyond their previously imagined limits, and, in non-stop laughter and pleasure, discover their own power to create, listen, express and connect: all crucial values in effective leadership and self leadership.

IMM03: Polarity Thinking: Ignite Creativity Through Paradox

Clare Dus, Liz Monroe-Cook

What if issues exist that are inherently “unsolvable,” regardless of our best attempts to solve them? Polarity thinking asserts that paradoxical issues not only exist but also present exciting opportunities for creativity, sustainable solutions, and being more effective in complex situations. Polarity thinking is a proven way to use the energy of a universal phenomenon in human experience. You’ll learn to distinguish between either-or problem solving and both-and thinking. You’ll explore how to leverage dynamic tensions such as head and heart, analysis and action, team and individual, and – of course – diverge and converge. Through discussion, activities, and Polarity Mapping, you’ll identify interdependent factors that are constants and indestructible, and learn a deliberate process to manage them. You’ll find that polarity thinking has a wide range of applications, e.g., organizational planning, coaching, customer insights, conflict management, team performance, and individual development. You’ll be able to apply your insights to personal and professional situations as you choose.