CPS Level 4: Creative Problem Solving Instructor Training

CPS Level 4: Creative Problem Solving Instructor Training … The Place to Complete Your CPS Mastery


Prerequisite: Levels 1, 2, & 3 completion, or approval based on demonstrated knowledge

This program is designed to provide the modules, framework and practice to help you train individuals and groups in the Creative Problem Solving Process as taught in the Foundations of Creative Problem Solving course.

In this highly interactive course, you will have the opportunity to train others in these modules and receive feedback and coaching from your peers and experienced facilitators. Come prepared to work hard and have fun. Please note: Pre-work and on-site preparation will be required in order to “teach back” the course. 

Creative Problem Solving Instructor Training is the final of four skills-building courses in Creative Problem Solving. After completing all four CPS courses, you will deepen your ability to facilitate and train others in the CPS process, while also becoming eligible to be considered to lead CPS programs at future CPSIs!

Why Sign Up for CPS Level 4: Creative Problem Solving Instructor Training?

In this course, you will:

  • Explain each step of the CPS process.
  • Explain the supporting principles of the CPS process.
  • Apply adult learning and thinking styles for effective instruction.
  • Demonstrate the skills needed to teach the CPS process, principles and tools, including effective presentation.
  • Deliver the core CPSI Foundations of Creative Problem Solving course, which introduces participants to a layered approach to learning CPS.

What Previous Participants Have Said About Creative Problem Solving Instructor Training:

  • This turned out to be one of my best CPSI experiences. The CPS process is now very clear to me.
  • Seeing others teaching styles. Instructors expertise and ability to pivot. Feedback from instructors.
  • The mistakes were helpful – as painful as it sometimes was…
  • This helped me tease out the differences between facilitation and training.

Ready to MASTER your Creative Problem Solving skills?