CPS Level 3: Creative Problem Solving Facilitation Techniques

CPS Level 3: Creative Problem Solving Facilitation Techniques… Moving Into Facilitator Mode

Prerequisite: Levels 1 & 2 completion, or approval based on demonstrated knowledge

Facilitation skills are central to the effective use of CPS, whether in formal meetings or informal brainstorming sessions. This course is designed for those who already know the CPS process in theory and are ready to put it into action as a facilitator.

This course uses peer-group practices to prepare participants for working with actual clients. Characteristics of successful facilitation will be identified and practiced, and you will develop an awareness of your own strengths and areas for development.

Creative Problem Solving Facilitation Techniques is the third of four skills-building courses in Creative Problem Solving. After completing all four CPS courses, you will deepen your ability to facilitate and train others in the CPS process, while also becoming eligible to be considered to lead CPS programs at future CPSIs!

Why Sign Up for CPS Level 3: Creative Problem Solving Facilitation Techniques?

In this course, you will:

  • Review and start to internalize the CPS process through the lens of the facilitator.
  • Experience CPS from several points of view – as a facilitator, as the problem-owner, and as part of the resource group.
  • Understand how to facilitate each step of the CPS process.
  • Receive general facilitation tips that enhance any meeting.
  • Receive individual and group feedback on facilitation skills.
  • Explore and develop your facilitation style.

What Previous Participants Have Said

  • I do feel much more confident in my abilities and have identified the specific area that I need more practice with, which feels much more doable.
  • I got new learnings to bring in my work and identify the areas to further work on.
  • It was amazing to integrate in 3 days the more than 60 years CPS model knowledge.
  • I enjoyed tips and back stage peeks, the flexibility of the trainers, and a chance to practice in a safe environment with supervision.
  • Trainers are helpful and knowledgeable. I got new learning of CPS and new tools. Very good learning on facilitating CPS skills.