CPSI Core Creative Problem Solving Program

The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) is a unique learning experience. At the core of CPSI is its flagship Creative Problem Solving Program, which begins with CPS Level 1: Foundations of Creative Problem Solving. This is the course we highly recommend for all first-time CPSI participants. 


Alex Osborn, the founder of the Creative Problem Solving Institute, invented brainstorming, which evolved into a more complete process of Creative Problem Solving. The Creative Education Foundation has been teaching and honing this process, and related programs, ever since!

The Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Program is a multi-year experience designed to help you develop critical skills and capabilities for driving creativity, innovation and change. Each course deepens these skills so that you move from being led through the CPS process to adding tools and techniques to enhance the process to facilitating the process and, ultimately, to teaching others how to facilitate the process.

Apply what you learn in the Core CPS Program to identify better problems to solve, generate more and different ideas, produce better solutions, and act more confidently to implement those solutions.

Creative Problem Solving Program Courses

CPS Level 1: Foundations of Creative Problem Solving

CPS Level 2: Creative Problem Solving Tools

CPS Level 3: Creative Problem Solving Facilitation Techniques

CPS Level 4: Creative Problem Solving Instructor Training

When you complete the full CPS Program, you have a dynamic set of skills, tools and processes for leading for creativity, as well as fostering creative thinking and problem solving in individuals, in teams and across your organization.

Core CPS creativity training programs offer in-depth learning experiences about creativity, innovation and change. If this is your first time at CPSI, we highly recommend registering for the CPS Level 1: Foundations of Creative Problem Solving program as your Core CPS selection.