2020 Virtual Programs

Due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19, CPSI is presented in two parts, both held virtually.

In June, we held CPSI 2020 reVISION, our first virtual conference experience. With over 35 workshops, numerous networking opportunities, and tons of community-building moments, CPSI magic was alive and well on Zoom throughout the month of June. See the detailed schedule to understand the various workshops that were offered.

In the fall, we will be offering CPSI Core CPS Training in a virtual format. This intensive training program will include two of our Core Creative Problem Solving courses: CPS Level 1: Foundations of Creative Problem Solving and CPS Level 2: Creative Problem Solving Tools. Each course will be held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 2:00 PM EST each session. Our world-class faculty are building an immersive, engaging curriculum for the new virtual format. These classes will meet on Zoom and Mural, so a strong internet connection will be necessary and a working webcam is preferred. 

Register for Core CPS Training today.

Participants who register for Foundations of CPS after September 22 or CPS Tools after October 20 cannot be guaranteed to received their course materials before the start of the first class.  

Additionally, CEF is offering an array of virtual training options.

Check out our training sessions on running great virtual sessions, CPS for parents, and more.