Spark Workshops

Spark Creativity Workshops offer you the opportunity to dive into one creativity topic for the day, which will “tickle your imagination” about what’s to come throughout the rest of CPSI! (NOTE: A couple of additional Spark workshops will be added, as well as full descriptions.)

These workshops are included in your CPSI registration. Choose from one of the following Spark workshops for Wednesday, June 14:

One-Day Creative Problem Solving: Getting Started
Min Basadur, Founder, Basadur Applied Creativity; Shannon Wagers, Chemist and Innovation Guide/Creativity Coach, Procter & Gamble’s GYM Ideaspace

AMPLIFY Your Creative Potential Through Journaling
Anthony Billoni, Director, Tobacco Free Western New York; Deborah Madelaine, Senior Packaging Innovation Scientist, Mars

What’s Your Shoe Size: Promoting Empathy in All Participants
Christine Boyko-Head, Professor/Curriculum Specialist, Mohawk College; Glenys McQueen-Fuentes, Co-Director, DramaSound Projects

Stormz: Taking CPS Facilitation Online
Alexandre Eisenchteter, CEO, Stormz

Master the Inside Moves of CPS Facilitation
Roger Firestien, Senior Faculty, International Center for Studies in Creativity, SUNY Buffalo State

Amplify Change by Overcoming Your Immunity
Diane Foucar-Szocki, Professor/ Immunity to Change Coach, James Madison University

Deep CPS Theory U and YoU
John Frederick, Faculty and Executive Director, Center for Executive Leadership and Change, Daemen College; Joette Field, Education and Staff Development Consultant; Judy Reid, Literacy Specialist and Coach, Paradise Valley Unified School District

Revitalizing Creativity to Envision Raising Creative Thinkers
Michelle Korenfeld, Manager, Raising Creative Thinkers

Amplifying CPS Through Drawing, Painting, Model Building and Sculpting
Craig Kosinski, Corporate/Museum Creativity Consultant

Physical Listening
JoAnna Mendl Shaw, Creative Director, The Equus Projects / OnSite NYC

AMP It and HACK It: Large Events and Angry Crowds Made Easy
Bill Olsen, Lead Guide, Olsen Innovations

Deep Dive Disruption: Find Your Wavelength
Steve Ralph, Jr., Creative Leadership Coach; TJ Postman, Founder, Fresh Perspective Initiative

Businesses that Build Bridges
Gui Sarkis, Co-Founder, Global Sapiens

Introduction to LEGO Serious Play Methods and Materials
Jacqueline Smith, Playologist and Unconsultant, Strategic Play

The Arts Take Center Stage to Amplify CPS
Susan Snyder, President, arts education IDEAS

Innovate with Stories
Jean Storlie, President/Owner, Storlietelling; Mimi Sherlock. Founder, Sherlock Creative Thinking

Using Photographic Composition and Poetic Form to Amplify Expression and Discovery
Maryellyn Vicksta, Creative Curator; Cheryl Nee-Gieringer, Sr. Project Manager, Worksystems