Main Track Programs

PLEASE NOTE: You will find a complete schedule and full program details in March 2017. Below is an overview of the main CPSI programs.

CPSI 2017 begins the afternoon of Tuesday, June 13, with orientations and the Opening Event. Main programming begins on Wednesday morning, June 14. CPSI closes at 12pm on Sunday, June 18.

“One of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had.”
– Frank Privette, Senior Brand Manager, Kimberly-Clark, Costa Rica

Here are the choices you will need to make when thinking about your CPSI experience during the registration process:

These all-day workshops on Wednesday, June 14, aim to amplify your CPSI knowledge and experience related to creativity and innovation. You will select one in-depth Spark Creativity Workshop to participate in from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

From Thursday, June 15, to Saturday, June 17, you will experience a 17-hour deep-dive experience in ONE course from the following tracks:

  • Creative Problem Solving Track: This track develops deliberate creativity skills through CPS. There are courses for the beginner and the advanced CPS person. We recommend first-time participants at CPSI register for the Springboard program. Other programs in this track include CPS Tools & Techniques, Facilitating CPS, and Training CPS.
  • Educator Track: This track is designed for educators who want to bring creativity and creative thinking skills into the classroom.
  • Immersion Track: This track is a deep-dive into creativity and innovation content.
  • Extending Track: This track covers a wide-range of creativity topics in back-to-back shorter sessions.

Breakout Sessions are shorter concurrent workshops that are offered once between Thursday, June 15, and Sunday, June 18. Breakout Sessions cover diverse topics on creativity, and are designed to expand the CPSI experience with shorter sessions that cap the day’s work with inspiration and exploration.

Night Flights provide a continuation of the day’s Breakout Sessions in an unstructured and flexible series of evening programs. All CPSI participants – maybe including YOU – are encouraged to offer and participate in Night Flights.